During the implementation of the 10th five-year plan, Fujian will focus on the development of the three industries - electronic information, machinery, and petrochemistry in terms of industrial structure. In the industry of electronic information, we need to widely adopt the latest modern digital technologies, multimedia technologies, network technologies to achieve the transformation from manufacturing to the electronic information industry with the combination of manufacturing and application, hardware and software, and development and service. In mechanical industry, we will focus on strengthening the development of the five categories of key products - automobile, engineering machinery, electronic engineering and electric appliance, shipbuilding, and airplane maintenance and will make great efforts to develop mechatronics, machinery of precise processing and other high-tech products as well as agricultural machinery and environmental protection equipment. In petrochemistry, we will promote the construction of “integration of petroleum and chemistry” which is based on Fujian Oil Refining and Chemistry Co., Ltd and subject to oil refining expansion and newly added ethylene engineering. Then the development of chemical fiber materials, plastic processing, rubber processing and photosensitive materials industry will be driven; at the same time, we will reinforce technical reform, work hard to promote the campaign of saving energy and cutting consumption and comprehensively utilizing new skills and technologies which could improve the performance of environmental protection, and emphasize the reform and improvement of light textile industry, building materials industry, and forest products processing industry; while we strongly support the development of electronic information industry, we actively develop and widen new and high-tech industries, such as comprehensive development of oceans, tea leaf, new materials, biological technology, and environmental protection; we will speed up to develop service industry and focus on the development of tourism, finance and insurance, communication, information consultation, commodity circulation, special service, and other industries.

Since 2018, we have been following the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, have carefully implemented the spirit of the Party’s 19th National Congress, deeply studied and understood the important instructions of opening up on all fronts of general secretary Xi Jinping, and worked with dedication to implement decisions and plans made by the provincial Party Committee and government in terms of the commercial development in Fujian. And We have made every effort to promote the high-quality development of commerce and carried out related work, continued to improve the provincial level of an open economy, and made a great contribution for economic and social development in the province.

I. We must actively plan the opening up and establish the firm notion of open development.

We will profoundly study the important guiding principles in the speeches delivered on the opening ceremony of Boao Forum for Asia and the 30th Anniversary Celebration Conference of the Foundation of Hainan Province and Special Economic Zone by general secretary Xi Jinping, and invite experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, and representatives of commercial associations to attend and study the implementation methods together by organizing seminars with special topics and by other approaches. We will study and work out specific measures of expansion of opening up in commercial sector for the purpose of deepening the reform and opening up of pilot free trade zone, endeavoring to create a first-class business environment, implementing national new measures of opening up, improving the management system and operation mechanism in the development zone.

We must grab the access opportunity of foreign investment to the market created by the government. We need to previously prepare for project reservation and introduction. A project introduction conference for Fujian businessmen both in domestic and abroad and an introduction conference for international investment has been held in Fujian in 2018, which has attracted overseas Fujian people and businessmen and transnational companies to establish businesses and invest here. The total investment of the introduction projects respectively reached 281.3 billion yuan and 147 billion yuan.

We must expand the scale of import. We will make great efforts to attract exhibitors and investors and make preparations for the First China International Import Expo, and catch the opportunity to expand the import scale of advanced technologies, major equipment, key parts, staple commodities, and important resource products to promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial sectors in the province. We will seize the chance of reducing import tax on consumer goods to expand the import scale of the automobile, dairy products, health products, cosmetics, mother and baby products, and other quality consumer goods and to promote the upgrading and expansion of consumption. In the first half year, the import rate grew fast in crude oil, coal, copper ore, and other staple resource products as well as fruits, which greatly met the needs for producing and life of the province.

II. We must continue to build a pilot free trade zone.

We will push forward the construction of a pilot free trade zone ranking top in the country. We will work with dedication to implement the important instructions of further deepening reform and opening up plan in pilot free trade zone made by general secretary Xi Jinping and print and deliver task schedule of the deepening plan in pilot free trade zone to make the responsible units and deadlines clear and work out supporting projects of every task and implementing measures. Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone was awarded the incentive of “oversight- and examination-free” in the large-scale field oversight and examination conducted by the State Council in 2017. It was the only one which has been praised.

We must continue to strengthen the system innovation. We will compare the world's advanced specifications and standards with ours and strengthen the integration of reform system to create more innovative outcomes of system integration in terms of system reform of business affairs, approval of investment projects, international trade, innovative development of industries, development of regional joint action, and priority for Taiwan. We have worked out a batch of 25 innovative methods, and 12 batches and 310 methods in total, which formed the institutional innovation system with Fujian characteristics and priority for Taiwan. In May, 2018, the State Council issued an announcement to copy and promote 30 reform methods in pilot free trade zone across the country, nine of which were from Fujian.

III. We must strongly carry forward high-quality development.

We need to enhance the potential strength of foreign trade development. We have focused on the development of export industrial clusters, the promotion of export products’ competitiveness, and the intensification export development potential and studied and launched implementation plans for intensifying the potential strength of foreign trade development. We will develop cooperation between industry and trade and foreign trade subjects to advance export supply-side reform. We will closely follow the trend of Sino-US trade disputes, positively give companies directions to use export credit insurance and other instruments to strongly cope with trade frictions, and endeavor to develop and widen a diversified market. We need to improve the quality and effectiveness of foreign investment. We will make strong efforts to accurately attract investors, actively attract investment from Europe, the USA, Japan and other developed countries, and introduce the Global 500 and leading companies of their industries for the purpose of improvement of industrial chains and expansion of industrial clusters. We must effectively tap consumption potential. We have made joint efforts to work out the plan of consumption upgrading and promotion of consumption growth in sectors of commerce, culture, and sports with Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Fujian Administration of Sports and drew up eight promotion measures for the high quality development of housekeeping service industry as an organizer in order to greatly develop consumption hotspots and tap demand potential.

IV. We must spot the difference between the world’s first-class business environment and ours.

开展营商环境评估。为查找与世界一流营商经济体之间的差距,根据省We have conducted an evaluation on the business environment. To see the gap between the world’s first-class business economies and Fujian, the Department of Commerce of Fujian Province, following the plan of provincial Party Committee and government, have entrusted a world's notable consultation institution to evaluate the business environment in the province in accordance with the business environment evaluation system and methods of the World Bank. We have printed, delivered, and implemented the campaign plan of learning from international advanced economies and improving the business environment. It specified the targets, main tasks, and supporting measures of the business environment promotion in order to create a legal, internationalized, convenient as well as just, transparent, and predictable first-class business environment.

We need to provide convenience for investment from foreign businessmen. The information systems of commercial department and industry and commerce department shall be integrated to realize the foreign investors’ one-time registration of commercial affairs and industry and commerce affairs and data sharing, significantly cut the procedures, time, and costs of the establishment application of foreign companies, and improve the convenience for foreign investment in Fujian. We have newly set the rules of no-paper, zero-meeting, and charge-free in the process of establishing enterprises by foreign investors. Then they do not need to go to two departments, nor do they need to apply twice.

We must further increase the convenience of customs clearance. We need to move forward in a coordinated manner to widen and open the ports of the province to improve their operation quality and efficiency. We will accelerate to study and work out measures related to increasing the convenience of transnational trade, promote the speeding up, efficiency increase, and fees cutting in the links of port operation, customs clearance, and export rebates. We will speed up the building of the only window for international trade V3.0 to perform the three functions of law enforcement of ports, special services, and data integration, which covers nearly all the links of international trade chain.

V. we must continue to create a commercial team with the whole heart, whole body and whole effort.

We need to insist on strengthening the consciousness of the need to maintain political integrity, think in big-picture terms, follow the leadership core, and keep in alignment. The commercial officials of the province must resolutely uphold the core position of General Secretary Xi Jinping in the Party Central Committee and the Party, resolutely uphold the authority of the Party Central Committee and its centralized, unified leadership, consciously act with politics throughout sectors and the whole course of their commercial work, and thoroughly carry out the decisions and plans made the Party Central Committee and provincial Party Committee and government.

We must firmly promote the decision of exercising full and strict Party. We need to make the subjects’ responsibilities clear and continue to gain a good command of the Party Constitution, Party regulations, and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s major policy addresses, and meet Party standards in order to make political life in Party and oversight and management on officials serious. We will organize the theme practical activity of actively serving the provincial opening up based on position and competition to speed up the combination of party building and commercial business.

We must further encourage commercial officials to shoulder new responsibilities and have new achievements in the new era. We need to firmly follow the practice-based and performance-based employing guidance, fully play the incentive role of examination and evaluation on officials, encourage commercial officials to work with their whole hearts, bodies, and efforts, and make it normal that the best up, the better down, and the worst out. To strengthen the cohesion and centripetal force, we will implement every care measure, push forward the experience and holiday system, set commercial rostrums, enrich cultural and sports life, and form a voluntary task team for emergencies.